The Spits
     Please Don't Shoot Me Tonight


          Minor Threat 



             Toy Dolls

      Dig that groove baby


          The Ramones  


      I wanna be sedated


                This is a new hardcore dj I found on youtube how             
                         could he be bad he wears a Jason Mask

          Wu-Tang Clan 

       M.E.T.H.O.D. Man


          Wu Tang Clan

            Killer Bees

         Digable Planets 

        Rebirth Of Slick


           Black Sheep 

      The Choice is Yours


   Del tha funkee homosapien 

            If you must


           The Goats 

         Do the Dig Dug

          Deltron 3030 


      Things You Can Do

       Pavement - Stereo


    Pavement - Cut Your Hair


    Kimya Dawson - Being Cool

      MBTV         2 3 4 5  7 8